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This beauty salon now gives service in 2 branches / Grease beauty complex-1, Grease beauty MediSpa -2/. Our salon has a very skillful community and we are delighted that we have given high quality services for over 13 years.

  • Hair damages will be completely gone.
  • Bubble Spa for hair
  • Nano Apparatus for hair
  • Hair loss controller Fermodyl
  • Hair growth promoter Folicure
  • Well configuration, Italian quality – Chromatique
  • All types of skin problems will be solved
  • Lumenis M22 – remove freckles, blemishes, scars, stretch marks and excess hair
  • We have Floatation floating bed that makes you feel super relaxed. When you sleep for only 30 minutes, it feels like you’ve slept for 7 hours.
  • German technology – Dry Float Jouvence
  • Skinfresh service is for the entire body part that encourages the skin’s collagen and elastin production. It makes the skin feel more toned and young.
  • Sybartic, an American brand’s, SpaJet is an apparatus that decreases the amount of cellulite under the skin, encourages weight loss, slims the body, improves skin texture and also help to remove stress.
  • Detox Aquanet-EC2000 is a colon cleansing apparatus that removes toxins from the body, relieves constipation, treats skin allergies, pimple breakouts, thyroid poisoning, men’s prostate inflammation, benign tumor and women’s ovary inflammation.
  • Results of body water detoxing course:
    • Removes toxins, excess weight, wastes that have been stored in the intestine for a long time and increases metabolism.
    • Prevent toxic and benign, allergies, different types of poisoning
    • Reflex of organs and tissues activate and the body will feel light
    • Pimple breakouts, dryness, oiliness, opened pores of the skin will decrease noticeably and continuing the course after every 6 months will make the skin smooth and look healthy.
  • The best cellulite reduction, skin toning, slimming apparatus is certainly the famous LPG. Only after 1 course of treatment, you will the results right away.
  • Nail care, world brands Opi, Orly, Dashing Diva, Cuccio are all at Grease beauty salon.

Combining Mongolia’s white marble powder and America’s technology standards, we make baths, sinks, bar stands, window panels, wall tiles and lift frames with many different types of colors and designs that you can choose from.