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Structural steel - Secondary framing

Secondary framing consists of the elements which support the roof and wall sheeting and which transfer loads to the primary framing:
- Roof purlins
- Wall girts
- Framing of openings

Purlins and girts are galvanized Z sections, produced by cold roll forming. Connections are made using galvanized bolts. Framings of openings essentially consist of cold-formed L, C, U or Z galvanized sections.



Quality design, manufacturing and erection


Secondary framing galvanized as standard

Fast and easy erection

Purlins can be used as cable trays

Long-lasting performance



Technical Specifications


Purlins and girts with a Z profile are produced by cold roll forming coils of steel.


The purlins are fixed to the rafters, and due to the overlaps between the purlins above the rafters, act as continuous beams.

The sidewall girts are also generally continuous with overlaps adjacent to the main frame columns, but can also be simply supported between columns. These two conditions also apply to the endwall girts.

Normally a continuous Z purlin or a continuous double Z is used as an eave member, depending on the loading and the eave condition.


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